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A Journey To Somewhere Else
No, I haven't resumed posting. But it seemed worth noting that sometime in July the wife-n-I will be rather a bit . . . busier . . . than we've been for the last decade.

Being that we'll be parenting newborn twins and all.

Spawn of Paradise. Fear for the world.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Whoo, what a trip. We're absolutely exhausted, but what a great time! Our B&B (Aysgarth Station, hosted by the wonderful Jane and Steve) was fantastic (again), the weather was perfect (only one day over 75, and every day sunny), the park was gorgeous (we hiked Cadillac & Gorham Mts, all the trails on the Schoodic Peninsula, and a lot of easier wanders...), and things were generally just splendiferous.


Can't believe vacation is over already.

We're thinking of moving to Maine. Not seriously--not unless we can get a whole lot of very good friends to move with us--, but we did pick up real estate books :o)
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Last night, Texas beat Baltimore 30-3. Impressively, they did it without a hundred-yard rusher OR a hundred-yard receiver on offense, and they played defense with only nine men on the field.

Go, Texans!
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Yeah, it's early for the 2008 elections. But if you're getting the Politics Jones but aren't yet sure which candidate you support, this is a neat thing. Take a twenty-plus question quiz (easy, just "support/oppose/indifferent" and "how important?") and see how you line up with the current candidates' stated positions:


Apparently I'm a Dennis Kucinich person. Woe is me...

Oddly, I thought that positionwise I favored John Edwards... but according to this poll the closest "major" candidate for me is Obama. Though my weightings and the matchups give Kucinich a decided "advantage."
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"Freeing Teresa" is live @ Abyss & Apex.


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Even if it's not up yet.

Got the contract from A&A and sent it back. So I'm now a twice-published author. Golly. Soon I'll be a real writer. :o)
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Abyss & Apex is apparently going to be publishing my short story "Freeing Teresa" in the July edition!

FT was originally written for the Spirit House compilation I got recruited into working on--to raise funds for the 2005 tsunami victims. It wasn't a huge seller, but A&A editor Wendy D. was one of the principals in SH, and when I resigned from A&A she offered to buy it from me.

I edited the piece down a bit--it was a bit verbose--and I'm pretty happy with it, and very happy that A&A is publishing it. Still awaiting a contract, so nothing's final, but it looks good.

I'll post a link when it's up...
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Saw a guy today--not for the first time, but I hadn't seen him for a while--walking down 34th Street wearing a hat festooned with feathers. Every few steps he'd stop, put his hands to his mouth, and let rip a (fairly realistic sounding) birdcall.

People just kept walking around him, of course--what else are you going to do?

Either he has an odd sense of humor, or he's nuttier than a Stuckey's pecan roll. Either way, I wonder what he'd be doing if he -wasn't- crazy:

  • Letting a flock of crows know that he's single and available?
  • Convincing a murder of invisible ravens not to carry off the children?
  • Warning off the alien invasion as premature?
  • Asking a passing roc for a ride home?
  • Rehearsing the soliloquy from I, Egret?
  • Praying to Crow?
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This guy has a lot of dust (being from Texas), a couple of cars, and some paintbrushes. The results are solid if not jaw-dropping, until you realize they're in dust, on the back of cars...


As a writer, I place a lot of value on permanent record of my creations--stories not just written down but preserved for all time in the pages of some publication or another, like publication is some thing worth more than the story itself.

But there's something neat about transitory art like the dust art this guy creates--chalk drawings, or etch-a-sketch art, or a storyteller telling a story aloud to a group of friends. It has a value to it that makes me look at what I do a little differently. Yes, this guy gets some Internet Fame (and maybe some contract work) out of what he's doing, but I think he'd probably be doing it anyway, just for the love of it. Something to think about when I'm slaving over the hot electrons trying to get a story to come out right.

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